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As a culture, we’ve been conditioned to accept that joint pain and arthritis are natural signs of aging and are to be expected. Many people I talk with accept this and over time when their pain intensifies, they reach for ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with hurt. Many times I’ll see patients who will grow teary when talking about the activities they have stopped – like playing with their grandchildren, dancing, and sometimes even exercise.

Many things can lead to chronic joint pain – we have to remember that pain is your bodies’ way of sending a message – in this case, the message is that it needs help. Taking away the pain with a pill is part of a solution, but to really help your body, you’ve got to get to the root cause of the pain.

There are many types of joints in the human body – fixed, hinge, ball and socket and pivot. A joint is how the bones are connected to each other by ligaments. Muscles are attached to those same bones by tendons – and both the ligaments and tendons are surrounded by protective sheaths. Surrounding each joint is a fluid filled protective pocket known as bursae and within the joint, the bones have a protective lining made up of cartilage which helps the bones move over each other easily. If any part of the joint is compromised – through trauma, injury or inflammation, you will experience pain.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Knee Pain?

Constant or severe hurt is an obvious symptom. Some of the other signs and symptoms of knee pain, which may vary depending on the ailment, include:

Pain, when you walkBusiness Management Articles, bend or straighten your knee Inflammation or swelling Instability Popping noise when you bend or straighten your knee Inability to straighten or flex your knee fully Stiffness Inability to bear weight on your knee Deformity

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Many patients report a decrease in joint pain when their hormones return to balance – for others, it’s just once part of the cause of their joint pain. It’s quite common for foods to be a factor in inflammation – and the impact on joint pain.

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Asthijivak is not only helpful in healing the joint pain but muscular pain as well. I applied it on my sore thigh muscles and the soothing effect was wonderful. This is surely a blessing from the sages for a healthy life. I will be using this often and am sure that my body will be in better health. I can now exercise without worrying about going over the top. I thank Ayurveda for sharing this old secret with the world and at such an affordable price.

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